Cynicism on Desiring God

Biblical Counseling

Desiring God has graciously posted a piece of mine on their blog called “Putting Off Cynicism.”

The piece is really a synthesis of observations about my own heart over the past few years. Every metaphor, description, counteragent, and prescription is something that has been (and continues to be) relevant to my own heart and perspective each day. I am a cynic, and I need Jesus very badly. I hope that my fellow cynics who love Jesus find helpful tools here as they seek to wrestle with difficult pasts, besetting fears, and the currently intangible but most excellent hope that Jesus Christ can offer: himself.

Again, you can read it here: “Putting Off Cynicism

3 thoughts on “Cynicism on Desiring God

  1. Hello there, Paul! I read this article on Desiring God when it was posted and it was super convicting. Thank you for it! One line really has stuck with me and propelled me to seek your thoughts on it in particular. You wrote “It is easier for a woman to explain her singleness in terms of male immaturity than it is to face the possibility of being unwanted.” I wholeheartedly agree with that and I think this has been something I wasn’t even aware I was doing until just recently and when I read your article it really solidified one of the many things the Spirit has been illuminating in my heart. It’s interesting though, because I never really allowed myself to believe that a genuine reason for singleness could be that you could be unwanted but now that I think about it, it was probably more that it seemed too harsh so I simply chose not to believe it. It seemed to me that if I accepted that then the only option for me was bitterness. Because how could you not be? I guess my question is, how should a believer deal with the reality of being unwanted in the dating arena? Is this something you went through and that God spoke into for you? Speaking just for myself (a Christian walking thankfully and joyfully in her faith and who believes God’s promises of ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment but finds also within herself the strong God-given desire for intimate fellowship through marriage), once the bitterness fades there just seems to be just a really cruddy feeling of being…well unwanted. And it becomes this complicated self-esteem issue where you really like yourself but feel like other people aren’t really seeing you the way you do so you just feel bad for yourself, you know what I mean? But I know bitterness and cruddiness can’t be the only options. What comfort from the Scriptures is there for those struggling with feeling unwanted very specifically in terms of dating and marriage? It’s ok if you don’t have a direct answer for this. I just thought I’d ask if maybe the Spirit revealed something that was helpful to you in this area. I appreciate you reading this long message. You’re definitely right when you say the remedies for cynicism are as multi-faceted as the problem!

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