Thomas Aquinas on Divine Simplicity


Summary: Read my new article on Thomas Aquinas here.

The Journal of the Evangelical Society has published a piece of mine on Thomistic simplicity. 

This article was produced out of a confusion in the conversation about God’s essence between competing models of God. Why do certain Christians locate simplicity as the lynchpin of orthodoxy? Historically and conceptually, it is bound up in Thomas’s amalgamation of Aristotle and Christian orthodoxy. I hope that readers will enjoy the article as a technical explanatory piece for the uninitiated. Read it here:

The Formulation of Thomistic Simplicity: Mapping Aquinas’s Method for Configuring God’s Essence” JETS 57/2 (June 2014): 371–403.

2 thoughts on “Thomas Aquinas on Divine Simplicity

  1. Hey Paul,
    Thanks for your posts. I continue to check your blog as my wife is getting her degree in Psychology/Christian Counciling. I like to keep up with you and have been blessed by your insight. Keep up the good work Paul!

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