Hey. My name is Paul Maxwell. I’m from Hyde Park, New York. I’m a selfish reader — I become easily disinterested. There is a thrill in writing for other selfish readers. It guards against slipping into cliché.

I enjoy writing about trauma. It is a living concept, changing itself and changing the culture. I have written about it at the academic and popular levels. As trauma consumes the American psyche, its intersections with other realities become manifold — grief, economics, policy, technology. The intersection of religion and trauma is becoming a primary lens for understanding American culture. It is worth detailed investigation.

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P. S. If you are a fellow starving graduate student like me, I salute you: let’s get Chipotle post-grandma’s-christmas-money sometime. If you are itching to give to a good cause (or if you are a Nigerian prince looking for a bank account to store his millions), I’m currently living project-to-project and spending all of my money on rent and tuition, so it would mean the world for you to consider helping me to breathe and write simultaneously for long periods of time.

Donations help me to write more for internet venues on difficult issues like divorce, depression, suicide, spiritual darkness, addiction, and trauma (and all the other happy things). (I am about to release 12-hours of podcast material in the next few months, so any donations also go towards expediting that).




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  1. I read your article, Let’s Stay: A Prayer for Suicidal Young Men and Suicide, on Desiring God. Despite the article being geared towards men, it still spoke to me. I’ve been battling for 13 ½ years with physical, mental, and spiritual issues. Reading this article and the scripture references gave me weapons to fight off the devil’s devices.
    I look forward to reading more of your articles.
    God bless.

  2. Hy Paul

    i also wanted to thank you for your article: ” Let’s Stay
    A Prayer for Suicidal Young Men” through which God ministered to me and gave me new hope that somehow he will come to an end with all my failures and sins one day.

    wish you God`s blessing for your work and your goal`s !

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