My name is Paul Maxwell, and I am a writer and marketer.

This is my informal, personal website.

If you’d like to work with me, please email me at paulcmaxwell@gmail.com. 

Some of my work

I have written extensively on the internet in the Christian content and publishing marketplace.

I have helped NFL and NBA athletes to hone their personal brands and write book proposals.

I have partnered with Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, the Christian Counseling & Education Foundation, Anberlin, Moody Publishers, Harper Collins, and many other platforms to build and optimize their content and marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and profitability. 

The state of the Christian workplace

The Christian content space is in a state of decline, and it will soon hit a floor and plateau. 

This isn’t because there isn’t anything worth saying.

I have worked in content creation, brand building, and marketing in the Christian space since 2010. 

In that time, I have oscillated between optimism and cynicism about the marketplace.

For years, I was one of many young, twenty-something Christian authors racing to build a brand big enough either to become self-employed as a writer/speaker or to land some junior VP position at a Christian institution.

I realize now that there are many institutions that exist at the forefront of the industry today that will be displaced in 10 years. 

But in their place will come other institutions that will be forced to create real value for Christian content consumers or perish. 

Where the Christian workplace is going

I am now interested in creating value as excellently as possible and coming alongside others who want to do the same.

In the 2000s, legacy institutions flourished under boomers.

In the 2010s, “authenticity” disrupted stalwart ministries under Gen Xers. Boomers couldn’t keep up with the fads with rapidly down-cycling half-lives.

In the 2020s, we will see a return to legacy by young conservatives and disillusioned leftists alike. But in a post-disrupted Christian publishing space, what organizational matrix this return will yield is malleable in our hands.

Our best mode of optimism is researched, articulate, and timely constructive work at the cracked foundations whose fixing will help us to build trustworthy brands once again.

If you’d like me to partner with you on a project, you can email me at paulcmaxwell@gmail.com. 

57 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. I read your article, Let’s Stay: A Prayer for Suicidal Young Men and Suicide, on Desiring God. Despite the article being geared towards men, it still spoke to me. I’ve been battling for 13 ½ years with physical, mental, and spiritual issues. Reading this article and the scripture references gave me weapons to fight off the devil’s devices.
    I look forward to reading more of your articles.
    God bless.

  2. Hy Paul

    i also wanted to thank you for your article: ” Let’s Stay
    A Prayer for Suicidal Young Men” through which God ministered to me and gave me new hope that somehow he will come to an end with all my failures and sins one day.

    wish you God`s blessing for your work and your goal`s !

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