Posthumanism in Interdisciplinary Journal


(Summary: Read my new weird article)

I have received a ton of writing opportunities lately, and they have been an honor. Criswell. JETS. WTJ review. Finishing another crop for DG. It’s amazing. The topics, the content, the questions, the research, the people I’m partnering with – it’s all an amazing blessing.

But FYI, I have this super weird article that just came out in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies called “Human Self-Transcendence: Posthuman, Postmodern, or Postsecular?” It’s just the absolute weirdest. If you’re into real life sci-fi, postmodern God-concepts, or the most absolutely boring study on philosophy you’ve ever read in your life (and how they all relate), check out my article.

Also, I owe a hat tip to Winston Smith (truly one of the smartest guys I know) for this quote in the article, on how a via media is “not as a compromise for the sake of peace, but as a comprehension for the sake of truth” (bottom of p. 179). Epic quote, right?

Happy reading, ya weirdos.